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Dr. Scott Jensen for Minnesota

Dr. Scott Jensen for Minnesota  


1 year ago

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Trusted Doctor and Health Advocate

After Dr. Jensen completed his residency at Bethesda Hospital he opened his own medical practice, anchored in Watertown, with an office in his new hometown of Chaska. Over the years, he has put his inquisitive spirit to work for patients, working with them and asking questions in order to not only provide accurate diagnoses, but also to empower patients to take control of their own care.

In 2016, he was recognized by his peers and was named Family Physician of the Year by the Minnesota Academy of Family Physicians. He also published his first book “Relationship Matters, The Foundation of Medical Care Is Fracturing”, which tells patient stories to emphasize the critical value of the patient-doctor relationship. The book expresses Dr. Jensen’s strong belief in the absolute need for patients to be their own “champion” for their health care decisions.

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Problem Solver and Political Maverick

Concerned about the direction of local schools, Dr. Jensen campaigned for and was elected to a seat on the Waconia School Board. He served from 1993 to 2002 where he was known for asking tough questions and driving improvement in performance. He put the students first in every decision he made.

In 2017, Dr. Jensen took his maverick spirit to the Minnesota Senate. Here Scott challenged the status quo and developed the reputation of being a problem solver and one who spoke unabashedly for his constituents. Dr. Jensen was never afraid to take on the political establishment if the cause demanded action.

In 2019 Senator Jensen authored and presented seven Bills on the senate floor, including a groundbreaking Pharmacy Benefit Manager Bill. Leading from the front, the political outsider built consensus and all seven Bills were passed by the Senate with bi-partisan support.

In one of his last acts as a State Senator, Dr. Jensen led the way on an insulin affordability Bill. It was designed to guarantee low-cost insulin for Minnesotans for emergencies and ongoing care. The Alec Smith Insulin Affordability Act had languished for more than a year in senseless political gridlock. With Senator Jensen taking the lead, the Bill was brought to the Senate floor after only 28 days. It not only had bi-partisan support, it passed unanimously.

A Leading Voice Against Lockdowns

The Covid pandemic has pushed Dr. Jensen into the international spotlight. He has appeared on top rated shows and often been a lone voice calling for the measurement of the impact of government imposed draconian measures versus the impact of the virus. Scott has been a voice for the voiceless - tirelessly demanding peer review and updating of government models as facts emerged, transparency in the completion of death certificates, and recognition and calls to balance and measure the effects of lockdowns and closures.

Dr. Jensen's booming social media accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers have given hope to those seeking answers. When the mainstream media put the truth second to their biases, he provided answers and insights that spoke directly to the people. In retribution for his efforts to be a voice, the state of Minnesota sought retribution against him. In 2020, Dr. Jensen saw two complaints opened against him by the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice. The anonymous complaints were dismissed without any action being taken and in 2021 he returned to a post Senate life of treating his patients and seeking the truth.

The path has now led him to enter the race to be the Governor of Minnesota. Here Scott will continue to tell the truth. He will not be intimidated, and he will fight "Cancel Culture". There will be no more reliance on faulty models, bad data, and decisions for our children and small businesses that are politically based. The unilateral power grab by Tim Walz has hurt people and not been based in science and the truth. Dr. Scott Jensen will change that.

Click on "Visit Website" to see more informative videos on why you should elect Dr. Scott Jensen as our next Governor! Please donate if you feel moved to do so. 

Click on "Visit Website" to see more informative videos on why you should elect Dr. Scott Jensen as our next Governor! Please donate if you feel moved to do so. 

Click on "Visit Website" to see more informative videos on why you should elect Dr. Scott Jensen as our next Governor!

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