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Global Video Hosting for Products, Services, and Particular Interests…
BlurbSurfer.com was created to provide a simple, affordable platform for anyone to use.
Viewers can search for videos on products, services, and particular interests enabling them to find exactly what they are seeking.
Anyone can post a video "Blurb" about their products, services and/or particular interests easily in mere minutes starting with our first month, first video free trial!

Why Choose us?

  • Proven videos sell your product and/or service best!
  • Free trial offer
  • Very affordable
  • Simple to use and easy to manage yourself
  • Choose your own search criteria
  • List by geographic location, connected world wide
  • Users can link with one click, from your blurb to your website, "Point of Sale" feature. This leads to higher conversions!
  • Features, sharing, liking and viewed counter
  • People can subscribe to and follow your blurb. Anytime you make any changes to a Blurb’s page, subscribers will be automatically emailed the updates!
  • Two additional pictures with "Point of Sale" features provided for you to manage as you wish next to your video blurbs, where you can show close up pictures of products, map of business location, promotions, coupons, etc.


Creator of BlurbSurfer.com-Nathan Nelson
“Nathan Nelson was born in Northern Minnesota. Lived as a missionary kid in France his first five years of his life.
Nathan returned to live in Northern Minnesota residing in the country, spending his time hunting, fishing, riding dirt bike and other outdoor activities.
He joined the United States Navy at age 17 and served on active duty as a Naval Aircrewman aboard Sikorsky MH53E’s helicopters conducting minesweeping missions. Nathan served in the Persian Gulf War.
Nathan went on to attend San Diego State University, graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Speech Communications. Nathan served as a law enforcement officer at several agencies in California, Minnesota and Western North Dakota.
In 2012, Nathan decided to move his life in a different direction and started BlurbSurfer.com. It started with the idea there needed to be a video hosting website which hosted videos specifically for products, services and particular interests, shareable on social media and more. Nathan created BlurbSurfer.com to be ad and pop up free to respect the time of its users. He has worked diligently over the last several years to add numerous unique features no other video hosting sites offer, creating more value for the users on both ends.
Nathan currently works 80 hours a week in the oil fields of North Dakota to grow his company BlurbSurfer.com. Nathan’s vision is having a “one stop shop” website for videos including photo content that is simple to use. Nathan believes his platform will be part of a new direction for advertising and marketing. He believes, now people can make more creative and informative videos on products & services and share them using social media to get them seen. Once seen on BlurbSurfer.com, people can click once and be at the “Point of Sale” which leads to higher conversion rates for people selling products and services. Nathan spends his off time, with family in Minnesota, doing outdoor activities such as snowmobiling, four wheeling, camping and staying motivated. Nathan strongly believes there must be an alternative and additional “ad free” video hosting platform with the users being the most important part.”