Answer- Click on "Creating an Account” and watch our step by step video. Also watch our "How it Works” video to better understand how BlurbSurfer.com can be used to maximize your success!

Answer- Yes, when a user creates an account, their first video is free for a period of one month.  After your free trial, go month to month for a mere $5.99 per month for each video or six months at a time for only $3.99 a month for each video.

Answer- A credit card is required to allow for billing after first month, first video free trial, but more importantly as a measure to reduce bad content.

Answer- For every video purchased, that video and photos associated with it, may be managed as the user wishes for no extra charge.

Answer- Yes, when a person subscribes to your blurb, anytime you change your video or re-post that video, they will receive an email with your video in it to view.

Answer- We encourage immediate reporting of non-compliant content. There are three ways to do so; 1. Flag the content by clicking on the red flag next to the blurb. 2. Contacting us through our "Contact Us” page, and selecting the "Reporting Non-Compliant Content” category, or 3. By calling us at 1-844-258-7278 and leaving a detailed message.

Answer- Contact us through our "Contact Us” page, be sure to select the "Questions” options for all questions and the "Comments or Concerns” option for all comments or concerns, so that we may better serve you and hopefully add your inquiry to our FAQ to better serve everyone.