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Rhino Rescue: Stopping Rhino Poachers

Rhino Rescue: Stopping Rhino Poachers  


6 years ago

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EXCELLENT Award Winning video1! To STOP Poachers Killing Endangered Rhinos.
The campaign aims to encourage people to stop buying or consuming rhino horn and its products with a brilliant idea – devaluing rhino horn by turning it from a “priceless” status symbol into “worthless” poison.
RHINO RESCUE PROJECT: Just over year ago, we were given the opportunity to perform a new horn treatment procedure live via satellite for a group of 30 Vietnamese journalists. This was only the start of an enormously successful demand reduction campaign Ogilvy & Mather Vietnam ran for Rhino Rescue Project in Vietnam over the course of 2015. Earlier this month, we received word that our hard-hitting collaborative project had been nominated for numerous international industry awards, including the highly coveted APAC Effie Awards. Now, only moments ago, we were informed that Ogilvy & Mather Vietnam has taken home a prestigious gold award at the APAC Effie Awards Gala 2016 in Singapore! Whoop whoop, congratulations, guys…!
The Rhino Rescue Project team is so very proud and humbled to have worked with this truly extraordinary agency on what was always going to be a particularly difficult campaign. Special thanks should go to Todd McCracken, Bianca De Silva, Nam Nguyen, Adrian McNamara, Sani Ahmed and every other member of the phenomenal team in Vietnam who gave their all to save animals half a world away.
Today's monumental announcement that the South African government has abandoned their plan to propose the legalised trade in rhino horn at CITES CoP 17 is proof that targeted demand reduction in end-user countries and horn devaluation on a local level CAN yield positive, proactive results in keeping endangered species alive.
UPDATE: Ogilvy & Mather Vietnam has won a Bronze Lion for its ad campaign “Devalue Rhino Horn” in the PR Lions category at the 2016 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.
The Ho Chi Minh-based advertising, marketing and PR firm also took a Silver Lion in the Direct Marketing category.
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