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Tumbleweed Tiny House Company-Cypress 24 Tour

Tumbleweed Tiny House Company-Cypress 24 Tour  


6 years ago

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About Tumbleweed Tiny House Company
Pioneering and Simplifying Tiny House Ownership
The year was 1999 when our first Tumbleweed was mounted on a trailer and in that moment the seed for the Tiny House RV revolution was planted. As the largest manufacturer of Tiny House RVs in North America the Tumbleweed brand is preferred above all others.

Innovative, Industry-Leading Tiny House RV Designs
It all begins with deep understanding.

tumbleweed-tiny-house-designFrom the earliest stages, our designers are thinking not just about form and function, but also cost and customer satisfaction. Their responsibilities take them far beyond their desktop – into extensive feedback sessions face-to-face with Tumbleweed owners and even to the factory floor. Such seamless integration with the entire development process ensures that no opportunity to improve will be missed. It’s not the intent that matters, it’s the result.

The Tumbleweed Factory
tumbleweed-factoryTumbleweed Tiny House RVs are built in a quality-controlled environment where consistency, stringent regulations, and the highest standards are the norm. With unwavering dedication to craftsmanship, Tumbleweeds are well built and built to last. And, perhaps most importantly, every person involved in the construction process is focused on building quality into every Tumbleweed they help create.

Read more about the Tumbleweed Tiny House Factory and Factory Tours

RVIA Certified Manufacturer
rvia-logoNot having the RVIA certification can limit your financing, insurance, DMV registration and future parking options.

Tumbleweed is one of the few RVIA certified Tiny House RV builders in the country. If you purchase a fully built tiny house from Tumbleweed, it will be RVIA certified.

If you build your own Tiny House RV it will not be RVIA certified unless you use a certification service. Tumbleweed has a special arrangement with the two best certifiers in the US for Tumbleweed-based tiny house RVs.

Certified Green RV Manufacturer
certified-green-badgeTumbleweed’s Quality System has been independently evaluated by TRA Certification, Inc. and found capable of producing Green Recreational Vehicles. The evaluation of Tumbleweed’s quality system, production process, material usage, recycling and environmental practices have earned this distinction.

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We make financing easy. With a Tumbleweed, you get the comfort and ease of knowing your Tiny is RVIA certified. This classification, not only helps insurance groups and zoning ordinances, but it helps banks classify your tiny, in efforts of processing your loan. Many credit unions and regional banks are comfortable financing Tumbleweeds, because of this classification. Rates vary, but these loans usually last you around 15 years, and can be as low as $400/monthly.

Tumbleweed offers options of financing, by working with various lenders to ensure we get you in the Tiny of your dreams. Rates vary, based on financial and credit history.

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