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ZORE.Own your gun.

ZORE.Own your gun.  


3 years ago

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ZØRE was founded by a group of Israeli IDF Special Forces and elite technology unit veterans.

Having families in Israel and experiencing ongoing terror – our daily lives require guns for self-defense. We know that the only way to really protect our loved ones is by ourselves.

While safe storage for our guns has always been a priority, we absolutely refuse to compromise on accessibility.

We decided to find a storage solution that would combine the security of safes and locks, but also make our guns even more accessible – even while in storage. Safes are not always accessible, and are hard to operate in the dark. Locks can be difficult to operate. Smart guns are simply unreliable: Taking complicated technology and actually putting it IN the gun itself is a recipe for disaster. Carrying a gun that needs to think before it shoots is unacceptable.

That is why we invented ZØRE. Unlike smart guns, ZØRE doesn’t change your gun at all. As opposed to most current storage solutions that are available, ZØRE allows you a fast transition —in any condition — from locked gun to charged and ready, and connects you immediately to your gun when it is not on you.

We know that when it comes to gun safety - the best safety device is you.

Click on "Visit Website" to get yours now!

ZØRE X is a patented cartridge that connects you to your firearm. ZØRE X is the fastest way to go from a locked firearm to disengaging & chambering a round and firing it. ZØRE X will also notify you if your gun has been tampered with.

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