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What Is The Ask Linkfluencer Show?

What Is The Ask Linkfluencer Show?  


4 years ago

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The AskLinkfluencer show is dedicated to answering all of your pressing questions on how to best social sell on LinkedIn to generate more leads, close more deals and stay relevant within your industry. Getting involved is super easy, simply head to linkfluencer.com/ask where you will find all of our episodes and can even submit your own questions.

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"Alex’s entrepreneurial journey started at the age of 13 where he entered a school fundraiser to raise money for charity. Entering that competition Alex went to all the local supermarkets, asking for chocolates that they could no longer sell. In a little over two weeks, he got over $1600 worth of chocolate for free and sold them door to door and to kids at school. It was within this experience where his entrepreneurial spirit was born. From there his next ventures were not as successful, from the age of 22 to 26 he failed in his four businesses. This turned around when he was mentored by a very successful entrepreneur, leading him to scale and exit his next two ventures successfully. Due to his success in business, in 2009 Alex launched an advisory and investment firm, working with entrepreneurs to help them start, grow and scale their ideas...." Click on "Visit Website" below now, to read more on his LinkedIn account...

Want to find out why 2019 is the Year of LinkedIn? Watch Episode 29 of the #AskLinkfluencer show to find out it is now or never and how to become an early adopter so you reap the biggest rewards, click on "Visit Website" below now!   

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