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BreathAdvisor Kiosk Use Demo

BreathAdvisor Kiosk Use Demo  


3 years ago

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In 2010, founder Jason Knott was leaving a bar after having a few drinks with some friends. Upon leaving the bar, he was immediately pulled over by a cop waiting in a near-by parking lot. Jason performed the field sobriety tests and passed them all fine, however when it came time to blow into the portable breathalyzer he blew .081; just barely over the legal limit! Luckily for Jason, the cop told him to park his car at a local gas station and get a cab. Jason later stated "If I knew I was over the legal limit, I wouldn't have driven."

In an effort to help educate the public, he created BreathAdvisor, a company that would provide patrons an accurate reading of their blood alcohol content at the point of consumption and also the ability to get a safe ride home.

Of course the best idea is to never drive if you've had anything to drink, but unfortunately this just isn't the case for many people. BreathAdvisor provides just one more option that could help prevent someone from making the mistake that could not only cost them on average $10,000 in fines and fees, but also their lives and the lives of others. Click on "Visit Website" to learn more now!

We've created the worlds most accurate breathalyzer kiosk on the market today with the sole purpose of giving a great user experience while helping your guests and staff make the right decisions at the end of the night. Ultimately, this reduces the likelyhood that someone will make the possibly fatal mistake of drinking and driving while at your establishment. Keep your guests and communities safe while increasing consumer loyalty by showing you care. Click the link below to learn more now...

Learn more about how you can get one for your establishment now by clicking on the link below now...

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