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4 years ago

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In 2010 a group of students wanted to design a running shoe that would address the problem of pain caused by the pressure delivered by the body when walking or running.They also wanted to create a company with a defined and public social commitment, even if that meant dramatically reducing its own profit.

Athletic individuals have often been frustrated by the design of popular running shoes, where the outsole is supposed to provide shock absorption, but fails. The result is discomfort, pain and a less fulfilling workout. Even expensive insoles, though soft, did not compress enough to ensure a suitable fit. So, we sought to create an insole that could provide comfortable support, the best shock absorption and a precise fit in a high performance running shoe that would be affordable to everyone.

The result is the FORUS PolstarMax 6 insole technology. This mechanism has been present for decades in most shock and impact absorbing devices but Forus finally adapted it to sports shoes to provide its customers with a safer and superior shoe experience! Although, integrated into every FORUS shoe, the PolstarMax 6 is removable, so comfort, safety and performance can be delivered in any shoe! PolstarMax 6 fully absorbs the pressure of your body weight during a walk or intense work out and eliminates back, calf and spine pain allowing you to achieve your best performance!

As you achieve your best, we also commit to step up and do more than simply build a corporation providing you with the ultimate support, comfort and style. FORUS also seeks to be proactive in our local and global communities, especially in support of children, our most vulnerable population. As students, we wanted to give back so many times but our finances did not allow us to do so. However, almost all of us own a pair of sports shoes. What if the companies who sold the things you need also gave to the causes we need?

As a corporation we have the option to donate on behalf of our clients and to give back to our communities. Instead of a one-time donation, we FOREVER pledge 10% of profits to children's charities worldwide so they have the ability to plan financially as corporations do with reliable and consistent resources. Furthermore, we want to support the difference you can make, so Forus also grants scholarships to students who have the desire and proven commitment to work with children. We make the sacrifice so that when you wear the Forus brand you are expressing your statement that you want to see our world changed for the better, together!
Our philosophy is the inspiration behind the name FORUS. This brand is "for us" who wish to make a difference in our communities.

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