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Chilling by the pool with iCup iPlate iFork

Chilling by the pool with iCup iPlate iFork  


4 years ago

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The intelligently designed iCup iPlate and iFork line of utensils
Working together to make your life easier

innovation + intelligently designed = A Smarter Way To Eat!

Top 7 reasons everyone LOVES the iCup iPlate & iFork interlocking system!

1. You can now carry your food, drink and utensils with just one hand.
2. Never again worry about where you put your drink, because it's attached to the bottom of your iPlate.
3. A Bug flew in your drink? No worries here because your iPlate acts as a cover over your iCup, protecting your drink.
4. Forgot your fork? No worries there either because your iFork slides in and locks right into your iPlate.

5. If you lay your iUtensils on a flat surface the eating part will rise above the surface!
6. Need to carry 2 drinks, 2 plates of food and utensils with just 2 hands? No Problem, with this interlocking system that's as easy as 1 - 2.
7. No table to eat at? Not a problem at all, just hold your iPlate, slide out your iFork and eat where you are with ease as your drink is securely.
Click on "Visit Website" to learn more now!

Click the link below to learn more now!

Click the link below to learn more now!

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