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A Tour of LA Dogworks

A Tour of LA Dogworks  


7 years ago

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About Us

LA DOGWORKS mission is to provide an exciting social experience for dogs and dog owners; to create a new standard for dog care, which includes unbeatable measures to ensure the health and safety of our four legged companions.

True to the former Pet Care Services Association (formerly known as ABKA or American Boarding Kennel Association) we stay committed to their standard of excellence, and go one step further in creating a dog haven that is connected to a dog’s natural and instinctual environment.

We have set out to create a five star resort created specifically as a retreat for dogs; a place that exemplifies trust, love, affection and education. We hope to further the bond between humans and dogs by providing excellent services that dogs of all breeds and sizes require. As well as providing education for dog owners in the proper care and training of their dog(s).

A year and a half of intensive research on the dog care industry uncovered a need for an advancement in the design and engineering of dog care facilities. The importance of building with proper materials that are strong and durable yet dog friendly was a key to the initial design and construction of LA DOGWORKS. With an awareness of the environment and a desire to be a “green” company, we set out on a mission to find organic and safe cleaning solutions with a high bacteria killing rate and were successful in our quest. We discovered new products outside of the dog care industry that could be effective in advancing the art of dog care to another level.

We could have built LA DOGWORKS to resemble a hotel for humans, but we knew that by doing so we would be compromising health and safety just to meet the “cuteness quotient” humans find attractive. Instead, we built LA DOGWORKS for dogs, to parallel their natural instincts and provide a healthy and safe environment. The choice of K9 Grass in the indoor dog park is plush and soft like a field of grass, which provides a safe alternative to hard concrete, abrasive rubber matting and slippery Epoxy floors. The K9 Grass is sanitized every night so it is fresh for the next day’s play. The custom design of our Vinyl bunk beds in our Dog Den and the $100,000 two story Mason Co. Kennel system will provide everything your dog needs for a healthy, happy, and safe stay at LA DOGWORKS.
Last, but most importantly, we believe in having fun and providing a peace of mind…”a place to play and a place to stay.”

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